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Psychologist Tracy Dennis-Tiwary: I Want to Disrupt the Medicalization of Mental Health

Psychologist Tracy Dennis-Tiwary: I Want to Disrupt the Medicalization of Mental Health

I sat down with psychologist Tracy Dennis-Tiwary to explore her perspective on anxiety, resilience, and mental health. Tracy argues that anxiety has played a crucial role in driving human innovation and should be embraced rather than avoided. She delves into the challenges faced by Gen Z, emphasizing that their struggles often stem from avoidance and a lack of coping skills rather than anxiety itself. Tracy points out that while social media exacerbates mental health struggles, it isn’t the all-powerful corrupting force it’s often made out to be in public discourse. She also discusses her innovative work in “digital therapeutics,” designing mobile games with the potential to revolutionize mental health care.

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[0:00] How a conservatory musician became a psychologist

[5:55] What is neuroscience?

[8:48] Evolutionary psychology and “Thinking Fast and Slow”

[13:48] What is anxiety?

[19:31] Anxiety and stress during a 7-hour spacewalk

[26:50] Gen Z struggles with avoidance, not anxiety

[32:36] Social media is a negativity amplifier

[38:17] What’s the best approach to screen-time for kids?

[41:32] Using mobile games as a mental health treatment

[47:59] Meaning, purpose, and happiness

[52:36] Raise your kids to be anti-fragile

[58:25] Anxiety is the secret to human innovation

[1:04:48] Should parents intervene with bullying?

[1:09:35] Mental health isn’t just about mental illness

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