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Wilfred Reilly Has the Real Data on Racism and Policing

Wilfred Reilly Has the Real Data on Racism and Policing

Political scientist, author, and Kentucky State University professor Wilfred Reilly has dedicated years of research to debunking popular, but false, narratives around race, culture, police, and American history. His upcoming book, “Lies My Liberal Teacher Told Me,” tackles head-on the myths most commonly spread in American classrooms. As Wilfred has documented throughout his work, the underlying data and historical evidence rarely tell the same story as the dramatic retellings we hear today. However, while often less salacious than our modern mythology, the truth gives far more reason for optimism about the current state of America and our future.

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[0:00] Wilfred’s work at Kentucky State University

[2:32] The real impact of BLM on crime and policing

[11:44] Don’t start your reasoning from conclusions

[18:34] What the 1619 Project gets wrong

[28:01] “Lies My Liberal Teacher Told Me”

[32:34] How can we filter out the lies?

[39:41] Is crime getting worse?

[44:31] Why are racial beliefs so far off reality?

[52:16] Zero-sum thinking is primitive nonsense

[58:31] We’re great at finding things to criticize

[1:07:58] Teach your own family about reality

[1:14:54] How to avoid becoming reactionary

[1:24:55] Media twists good research into lies

[1:29:13] AI, truth, and the future of society

[1:39:05] Sensible 21st century immigration policy

[1:48:37] College, career, and purpose

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