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Why College Is A Ripoff | The Show

Why College Is A Ripoff | The Show

At one time, a college degree came with the legitimate promise of a better life. For generations of families it was part and parcel with ‘The American Dream.’ Unfortunately, the return on investment isn’t what it used to be.

Today’s guest, Jeff Sandefer, knows this issue inside and out and is working to provide parents with an alternative to educate their children. He’s a successful entrepreneur-turned-business school professor who was considered to be one the best business professors in the country during his time at UT’s McComb School of Business. Later, he went on to found Acton MBA, a tough-as-nails business school that rivaled Harvard and was attended by the likes of Navy Seals and Olympic athletes. He also co-founded Acton Academy, a global network of innovative K-12 schools, alongside his wife Laura Sandefer.

Jeff’s latest project is called “Next Great Adventure,” which is a program to help people of all ages find their calling and live a life of meaning, without bankrupting students in the process.


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[0:00] Intro

[2:32] Teenage lessons in working efficiently

[6:44] Jeff’s big break in big business

[12:33] Taking a year off to find a purpose

[14:23] Jeff becomes a top-tier business professor

[21:13] The 7 principles for running a good university

[28:37] What are the real benefits of college?

[34:00] Prestige vs competence

[39:17] Acton MBA was built by refugees from UT

[47:27] College has uses, but it’s mostly fraud

[49:24] The hero’s journey

[51:12] The elements of entrepreneurship

[56:16] You can be in the top 1% of something

[59:43] Transformation gets harder as you age

[1:02:49] Entrepreneurship training for kids

[1:06:24] Would you rather be right or surprised?

[1:08:29] Markets are tools for human flourishing

[1:12:28] “Next Great Adventure”

[1:23:45] Forget the politics and starting fixing problems

[1:27:15] Outro


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