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Warren Smith Went Viral for Teaching Critical Thinking, So His School Fired Him

Warren Smith Went Viral for Teaching Critical Thinking, So His School Fired Him

I sat down with Warren Smith, the high school teacher whose video of an incredible classroom interaction went viral earlier this year. After a student asked a loaded question about JK Rowling, Warren responded with a refreshingly calm and thought-provoking Socratic discourse on the topic. His interaction with this student was a masterclass in teaching how to think, not what to think. In our conversation, Warren shared his insights on effective teaching, emphasizing the importance of critical thinking, honest dialogue, and adapting to the ever-changing technological environment. He also opened up about the unexpected aftermath of his viral video, including the media frenzy, his subsequent firing, and his next steps as an educator and content creator.

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[0:00] The viral JK Rowling video

[8:11] Teach by asking “Why?”

[11:46] Why did Warren get fired?

[21:03] Warren’s journey as a teacher

[29:18] Start creating and don’t wait for permission

[33:05] The challenges of classroom teaching

[41:51] Filmmaking vs content creation

[49:52] Influencers are legitimate entrepreneurs

[54:39] Can 5 minutes of fame become a career?

[1:02:59] The adults are failing the teens

[1:13:25] Office politics vs cancellation

[1:22:24] Transparency is the best defense

[1:26:57] Warren’s plans for the future

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