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Warren Farrell Explains Why Sons Need Their Dads | The Show

Warren Farrell Explains Why Sons Need Their Dads | The Show

What’s going on with American boys these days? Why are they falling behind girls in education, health, and career prospects?

To help answer these questions, John sat down with Dr. Warren Farrell, who’s been studying the issue for decades.

Dr. Farrell is a political scientist and activist who wrote The Boy Crisis, a book arguing for the importance of strong father figures in a contemporary culture that often ignores them. He started his career as a board member for the National Organization for Women, and is the only man to have served three terms in that position.

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[00:00] Intro

[02:21] What is the boy crisis?

[10:10] Causes of the crisis

[19:06] Inequality, liberation, and empowerment

[31:09] The casualties of identity politics

[40:00] How dads can combat the boy crisis

[49:18] The unique contributions of dads

[58:44] What can single moms do about the boy crisis?

[1:09:46] Dad deprivation weighs heavily on society

[1:12:53] Outro


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