Dad Saves America
Dad Saves America
Want To Save the Planet? Have Kids.

Want To Save the Planet? Have Kids.

Have kids. Get married and have kids. Yes, in that order. But do it now, or at least sooner than you probably think you should, especially if you’re ambitious and on the move. Embrace the chaos. Embrace your nature. Embrace the future. Make it the rock-solid re-bar reinforced concrete foundation of your identity. You might just discover the biggest secret of our age: that having kids is the ultimate act of liberation.

Having kids is an act of rebellion against a culture consumed by corruption and contrived catastrophe. There are plenty of reasons to rebel against our culture, which has produced the highest levels of anxiety and depression we’ve ever seen. We’re wealthier than any people to ever walk this planet, yet we’re increasingly stuck in place, unsure what direction to walk.

Who can blame us? For decades, self-appointed gurus from the left and now increasingly the right have discovered they can build careers by convincing you to reject family, fatherhood, and the future itself. Some proclaim that humanity is a scourge on the planet. This message, couched in concerns about climate change, dominates our elite discourse. Meanwhile, influencers celebrate the single life as liberation from the patriarchy. If that laundry list of left-wing critiques isn’t enough for you, red-pill right-wingers are ready to say “hold my beer.”

If you’re among the millions of people nervous about our planet, our future, and hesitant to bring more people into it, I totally get it, but here’s my challenge to you: take a deep breath, keep an open mind, and stick around to the end of this episode. You’ll be happier for it.


[0:00] Have kids now

[6:18] The overpopulation myth

[19:55] Climate alarmism is unscientific

[35:16] The rise of anti-human religion

[40:15] Embrace your creative nature

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Dad Saves America
Dad Saves America
Dad Saves America is all about celebrating dads and fatherhood. Fatherhood is the greatest opportunity to make a positive impact you will have in your lifetime. We’re figuring out how to raise a generation of resilient, independent-minded kids who are ready to embrace freedom in their future. Top experts and engaging personalities, including Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Adam Curry, Daymond John, and Jay Glazer, trade stories of childhood, parenthood, and all the issues impacting how we raise our kids with host John Papola.