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This Guy Invests In College Dropouts | The Show

This Guy Invests In College Dropouts | The Show

How do we remove the barriers of 20th century institutions so that we can unleash 21st century innovation?

Mike Gibson is a venture capitalist who’s at war with the “Paper Belt.” That’s what he calls the stretch of the east coast home to federal politics in Washington D.C., mass media in NYC, and elite degrees in Boston. As the 21st century has progressed, the 20th century design of the Paper Belt has begun to show just how outdated it is, and Mike sees an opportunity to build something better. That's why he wrote his soon-to-be released book, "Paper Belt on Fire.”

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[00:00] Intro

[2:24] Arguing with Bill Gates

[6:32] Mike’s beginnings in academia

[12:35] The Great Stagnation

[21:54] Does the inventor really matter?

[26:32] Determinism and emergent order

[30:46] The Thiel Fellowship

[33:56] Academia undermines human achievement

[46:53] The Educational Dark Ages

[51:58] 1517 Fund

[55:50] What is venture capital?

[1:06:25] Giving out $1000 checks at a cafe

[1:08:28] Getting banned from MIT

[1:11:27] What motivates successful people?

[1:19:53] You can’t engineer a solution to the human condition

[1:25:25] Burning down the Paper Belt

[1:34:03] How can parents navigate unorthodox educational choices?

[1:38:44] Trusting young people is scary but necessary

[1:39:41] Searching for his dad led Mike to the CIA


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Dad Saves America
Dad Saves America
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