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Thanos Was Wrong. More People Means More Resources. | The Show

Thanos Was Wrong. More People Means More Resources. | The Show

If our population keeps growing, won’t we eventually run out of resources?

According to Marian Tupy, the answer is no. Tupy is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute who recently co-authored Superabundance, a book exploring this very question. More people means more mouths to feed, but it also means more minds working together to develop the technology of the future. As long as individuals are free to explore and innovate, we can continue to increase the efficiency with which we use natural resources. Tupy believes that population growth and freedom are the secret ingredients for a superabundant future.

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Jordan Peterson's recent interview with Marian Tupy:



[0:00] Intro

[1:31] Progress throughout history

[11:15] What is superabundance?

[15:36] Resources vs knowledge

[20:51] Julian Simon and Paul Ehrlich

[23:37] What do prices really mean?

[31:20] Why do people worry about overpopulation?

[38:46] Thanos and the rise of antinatalism in Gen-Z

[45:39] Resources are getting cheaper, workers are getting richer

[51:22] Inflation and other current economic problems

[56:01] The causes of apocalyptic environmentalism

[1:06:56] A superabundant future

[1:10:23] There’s not just one America

[1:15:43] Outro


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