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Texas School Falsely Accused Child of Blackface. Now They Won’t Apologize.

Texas School Falsely Accused Child of Blackface. Now They Won’t Apologize.

How could a 5th-grader end up being accused of accidental blackface? And how could the school recklessly throwing around that accusation refuse to apologize? Today’s guests are currently on a crusade to answer those questions. This incident touches on crucial issues our society currently faces, especially in our schools. When adults fail to be more mature and measured than the children in their care, inflating honest mistakes into serious accusations of bigotry, they elevate their sensitivities above those of the children and risk causing serious psychological harm. Furthermore, they model a censorious, chastising social dynamic as the ethical norm for those kids and further encourage the excesses of cancel culture, which already dominate our discourse.


[0:00] Intro and disclaimer

[1:58] Background of school incident

[7:24] Teacher accuses her of racism

[16:44] School officials demand an apology

[22:50] Aftermath and reflection on the incident

[30:19] Her parents’ initial reactions

[41:58] Taking action against school misconduct

[46:20] Suspicious behavior by the teacher

[51:18] Why Jay ran for school board

[58:58] Past issues with the school

[1:04:34] Why bother making a big deal of this?

[1:12:15] The bureaucracy kicks into gear

[1:26:26] Schools need to be held accountable

[1:33:25] Choosing schools depends on the child

[1:40:55] Why take the story public?

[1:46:16] The needs of kids should come first

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