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School Sucks! Mike Yates Disrupts Boring Education | The Show

School Sucks! Mike Yates Disrupts Boring Education | The Show

School sucks! At least as it’s envisioned today. Our guest brings a fresh perspective to what it means to learn and what it takes to be an educator.

Mike Yates has a radically different perspective on school. Throughout his career he’s amassed tons of hands on experience, helping him develop curriculums and programs filled with unconventional ideas on how kids actually learn and the role of teachers. We sat down with Mike to uncover what educators should be doing differently and how his personal education journey inspired his commitment to improve school for all kids.

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Mike is currently the Senior Managing Director of Network Strategy at the Reinvention Lab of Teach For America:

Watch Mike’s TED Talk “School Sucks”:

Mike’s podcast Schoolish:

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[00:00] Intro

[02:52] What is Teach For America?

[10:18] Mike’s educational origin story

[14:23] The prototype for a great teacher

[20:53] Revenge against a bad teacher

[25:23] Cancel traditional school

[28:23] 6th grader teaches himself to read

[32:45] Innovating individualized learning

[39:27] Engaging with your child’s education

[43:09] Criticism, victimhood, and empowerment

[52:39] Your career should serve your family

[57:50] Being an American by being a dad

[1:00:18] Outro


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Dad Saves America
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