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Pitch Perfect: Welcome To Business School | The Show

Pitch Perfect: Welcome To Business School | The Show

Is the point of a successful career to gather as much money as possible so that you can later start “doing good,” or should increasing your net worth and improving human welfare go hand-in-hand?

Evan Baehr would argue that the best kind of entrepreneurs take the latter approach. The first step to being an effective entrepreneur is finding a problem that you’re passionate about solving. The bigger the problem is that you try to tackle, the more good you can do along the way.

Baehr is managing partner of Learn Capital, a venture capital fund that backs and builds companies that drive human flourishing. He’s also the founder of Teneo, an organization committed to cultivating the next generation of American leaders, and author of the best selling book Get Backed.

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[0:00] Intro

[1:58] What is Teneo?

[3:19] Princeton, Yale, and Harvard

[9:25] How is culture created?

[15:11] Building a network to get stuff done

[20:32] Peter Thiel changes Evan’s view of business

[25:57] Personal agency and venture capital

[28:57] Pitfalls of disruptive innovation

[42:16] Investing in teams vs ideas

[45:45] Persuasion and decision making

[48:08] Becoming a parent is a new reality

[51:57] Faith, fatherhood, and community

[58:58] Marriage counseling is for everyone

[1:03:41] Facing challenges as a family

[1:09:05] Managing expectations of your kids

[1:11:42] Leaning into vulnerability as a father

[1:14:39] Include your kids in activities you care about

[1:20:20] Men need people to confide in

[1:29:49] Fitness is about being there for your kids

[1:32:05] Schools fail to teach financial literacy

[1:38:47] 3 books that give great advice

[1:44:48] The hero’s journey

[1:46:48] Outro


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Dad Saves America
Dad Saves America
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