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Martin Gurri Explains The Rise Of Mass Protest Movements | The Show

Martin Gurri Explains The Rise Of Mass Protest Movements | The Show

Why does the country seem to erupt into new mass protests every few months? Is it all connected or just a coincidence?

In this episode, John sits down with fellow dad and author Martin Gurri, who sees the profile of the typical protestor as the common thread. Disenchanted and well-educated young people have been overwhelmed by the information tsunami of the digital age. Even though they may disagree on the details, most share a distrust of traditional institutions and media outlets.

Martin spent three decades as a CIA media analyst. His years of experience culminated with his 2014 book, The Revolt of the Public, which explores this topic in depth.

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[00:00] Intro

[01:54] The origin of “Revolt of the Public"

[10:32] Media shapes the national self-image

[15:00] The People vs. The Public

[20:36] The characteristics of modern protest

[31:28] Mass protest over housing costs in Israel

[38:02] 20th-century institutions are failing

[48:34] John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump

[55:52] Why “Revolt of the Public” connects with people

[1:03:11] Navigating the information tsunami as a parent

[1:13:47] Kids become activists for the wrong reasons

[1:25:45] Revolution isn’t a reliable source of meaning

[1:37:18] Outro


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