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Make Sure To Check In With Your Teen’s Mental Health | The Show

Make Sure To Check In With Your Teen’s Mental Health | The Show

There’s a mental health crisis among boys and men. The warning signs of depression and other mental health issues in males, particularly teenage boys, are not widely known, and so they often go overlooked. The first step towards reversing this concerning trend is learning to recognize when young men are suffering.

Dr. Warren Farrell has spent half a century researching and writing about the biggest issues facing boys and men. His most recent book, The Boy Crisis, provides an eye opening glimpse into the reasons behind the ‘purpose void’ afflicting many of today’s young men, its detrimental effect on their mental health, and how active and involved moms and dads can restore a sense of purpose.

Dr. Farrell is a political scientist and activist who started his career as a board member for the National Organization for Women, and is the only man to have served three terms in that position. His expertise on the challenges facing both sexes provides valuable solutions for parents to help us heal our kids and our nation.


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[0:00] Intro

[1:59] What is the ‘purpose void’?

[8:58] The rise of dad-deprived families

[13:22] Risk-taking, consent, and rejection

[18:11] ‘Toxic masculinity’ isn’t about privilege

[22:01] Today’s boys have opportunity without direction

[24:48] How video games stunt social skills

[33:58] Porn addiction is about avoiding rejection

[38:15] What depression looks like in boys

[47:27] How dads can help their sons find purpose

[52:11] Gender liberation for men

[57:06] Listen, don’t try to solve the problem

[1:01:19] Consider your child’s skills and motivations

[1:08:53] Parents should model healthy relationships

[1:18:08] The first step for young men in crisis

[1:21:32] Heroic intelligence vs health intelligence

[1:25:38] Men need to seek out balance in life

[1:26:26] Outro


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