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Is The World Getting Worse? Matt Ridley Doesn’t Think So | The Show

Is The World Getting Worse? Matt Ridley Doesn’t Think So | The Show

Are people overly pessimistic about the state of the world for no good reason? Should we be more optimistic about where we are?

We sat down with Matt Ridley to discuss what the future holds for humanity and the many reasons to be optimistic about where we are headed.

Throughout Matt Ridley’s career, he has worked as a journalist, author, businessman, and member of the House of Lords. In his book, “The Rational Optimist,” he makes the case for an economics of hope, arguing that the benefits of commerce, technology, innovation, and change will inevitably increase human prosperity.

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[00:00] Intro

[03:12] The Rational Optimist

[07:42] Is pessimism anything new?

[16:21] Motivation by fear vs. reason

[22:21] Authority pretends to know more than it does

[29:07] Top-down vs. bottom-up systems

[36:06] Is apocalyptic climate alarmism justified?

[42:34] The nuclear power paradox

[46:13] Headlines aren’t evidence

[51:34] “Noble lies” deplete trust

[55:12] How Innovation Works

[1:03:19] You’re lucky to be alive right now

[1:06:11] Outro


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