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How Dads Can Harness The Force | The Show

How Dads Can Harness The Force | The Show

There are basically three ways to learn how to be a good person. We learn by doing and making mistakes, we learn by observing what other people do, and we learn from the stories in our culture. Popular stories play an outsized role in our understanding of virtue and morality, and few stories can match the awesome power of Star Wars.

Today’s guest, Stephen Kent, has figured out how to use one of the most iconic and influential American stories as a common language to teach moral lessons to children. In his book, How the Force Can Fix the World, Stephen takes a deep dive into the virtues of Star Wars, and how they can be an antidote to our modern problems. From the fearlessness of the Jedi, to the hope instilled by the Rebel Alliance, and the redemption sometimes found by the Sith, he lays out an epic set of virtues worth learning from a galaxy far, far away.

We worked with Stephen to create a great viewing guide so that you and your young Padawan can put his work into practice while watching your favorite Star Wars scenes.

This episode is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the Star Wars franchise or Disney.


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[0:00] Intro

[2:14] Growing up as a Star Wars prequel fan

[4:56] Why write a book about Star Wars?

[9:12] Stephen journey as a dad

[11:22] Empathy, masks, and redemption

[25:13] How Stephen and his dad supported each other

[31:02] Fear, control, and hubris

[44:10] Hope, freedom, and boundaries

[55:11] Anyone can fall to the dark side

[1:00:46] Shared stories are a societal foundation

[1:04:41] Outro


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