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Google, Surveillance, and Data Brokers: How Americans Lost Their Privacy Rights

Google, Surveillance, and Data Brokers: How Americans Lost Their Privacy Rights

Technology journalist and data privacy expert Naomi Brockwell explains the complexities of online privacy and the ever-expanding reach of both government and corporate surveillance. The “if you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear” mindset accepted by much of the American public is, best-case scenario, a sign a great privilege and comfort and, worst-case scenario, full-blown head-in-the-sand denial of reality. Almost every device, app, and wifi network you use sends out an unimaginable amount of data all the time. Data brokers sell your information to whoever is willing to pay, and you can be sure that governments are some of their most reliable customers. Naomi shares tons of practical strategies that almost anyone can implement to protect their privacy, money, and freedom while online.

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[0:00] Is privacy possible anymore?

[3:55] History of American privacy rights

[13:39] The “I have nothing to hide” fallacy

[21:49] Google gives away your data for free

[29:45] Resist anti-privacy fear-mongering

[34:22] Not all VPNs are created equal

[39:59] How to make secure credit card payments

[45:18] Better options for search, email, and calendars

[58:19] Constant surveillance changes behavior

[1:01:20] Are free markets bad for privacy?

[1:06:40] Apple is better than Microsoft or Google

[1:13:35] There is no privacy in your car

[1:21:50] Everyone can see your wifi network

[1:26:08] How parents should think about social media

[1:34:38] Security through obscurity no longer works

[1:36:29] The AI revolution will democratize online privacy

[1:44:51] Why don’t most people care about privacy?

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