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Dad Saves America
Former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Talks Progressive Family Values and Political Discourse

Former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Talks Progressive Family Values and Political Discourse

Bill de Blasio served as the 109th Mayor of New York City from 2014 to 2021. He was raised with a deep pride in his Italian-American roots, with grandparents who immigrated from small towns in southern Italy. His parents were affected by McCarthyism, despite no ties to Communist organizations. Experiencing the fallout from those accusations deeply influenced his political outlook. In our conversation, Bill emphasizes his progressive approach to family values and his belief that government can protect and uplift working families. He also reflects on the importance of open dialogue and debate in democracy, stressing the need for understanding and addressing diverse perspectives.


[0:00] Who is Bill de Blasio?

[9:43] The Italian-American experience

[16:37] Family values, populism, and elitism

[23:41] Capitalism vs socialism

[30:52] Cuba, communism, and anti-colonialism

[42:51] Keeping kids in touch with their heritage

[47:14] Why he ended “stop-and-frisk”

[50:18] How debate can bring people together

[56:04] Cancel culture and free speech

[1:05:19] Race relations and reconciliation

[1:14:19] What happened to American pride?

[1:18:53] Being a dad is his greatest contribution

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Dad Saves America
Dad Saves America
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