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Dreaming Of A Solar-Powered Future? Don't Hold Your Breath. | The Show

Dreaming Of A Solar-Powered Future? Don't Hold Your Breath. | The Show

Brian Gitt’s conversion from mainstream environmentalism was an accident.

For decades, he believed that solar and wind power were the future, and that it was only a matter of time before fossil fuels were a thing of the past. However, after creating a startup that helped homeowners compare utility costs, he realized that the numbers just didn’t add up for the environmentalists’ favorite kinds of energy.

Gitt has spent his whole career as an entrepreneur in the energy sector and cares deeply about protecting the environment. He also believes that our energy production has to serve the needs of people, not ideologies, and so he rejects the quasi-religious notion that fossil fuels can simply be replaced with solar, wind, or any other of the highly inefficient forms of renewable energy currently on the table.

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[0:00] Intro 

[1:49] Finding meaning in the wilderness 

[10:54] Becoming an environmentalist 

[13:24] The importance of hands-on experience 

[20:54] Build a network to build a career 

[23:39] Entrepreneurship in green building 

[35:49] Returning to the private sector 

[43:43] Why Brian changed his mind on solar power 

[59:15] Renewable energy decisions must be local 

[1:07:30] The “energy transition” isn’t actually happening 

[1:11:40] Average people pay for environmental “progress”

[1:16:30] Renewable energy undermines energy security 

[1:19:12] The origin of climate alarmism 

[1:23:27] Human innovation drives human welfare 

[1:26:49] The dark reality of renewable energy production 

[1:31:54] Combatting utopian attitudes about energy

[1:34:51] Raise your kids to think critically 

[1:42:36] How people make decisions 

[1:46:36] Making the world a better place 

[1:47:42] Outro


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