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Dr. Drew Sees Parallels Between Homelessness and Celebrity Status | The Show

Dr. Drew Sees Parallels Between Homelessness and Celebrity Status | The Show

Dr. Drew Pinsky’s 2008 book, The Mirror Effect, was an insightful analysis of celebrity culture when originally published. Looking back, it’s also turned out to be a prescient guide to the social media landscape that’s emerged over the past decade. In this episode of Dad Saves America, we discuss social media, narcissism, substance abuse, therapy, and Dr. Drew’s wide-reaching career.

Dr. Drew is a practicing doctor of internal medicine as well as an addiction specialist and has become known for hosting KROQ’s Loveline for over 30 years, starring in VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, and hosting a number of daytime shows. Dr. Drew recently wrote a teen guide on consent that deals with identity and relationships that he co-authored with his daughter Paulina Pinsky called It Doesn’t Have To Be Awkward.

Dr. Drew’s currently hosts Dr. Drew After Dark, produced by Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky’s YMH Studios, hosts Ask Dr. Drew, and co-hosts The Adam and Drew Show with Adam Carolla.

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[0:00] Intro

[1:48] Dr. Drew’s medical career

[10:21] Dr. Drew’s media origin story

[13:59] The Mirror Effect

[16:46] What is narcissism?

[18:34] Link between homelessness and celebrity status

[22:04] Social media an addiction machine

[28:03] Researching celebrity narcissism

[32:15] Narcissism is self-help gone wrong

[35:12] Socio-emotional development in childhood

[38:27] Mental health and social contagion

[43:09] The downfall of American news media

[48:37] Dealing with homelessness is an uphill battle

[53:30] The difference between helping and enabling an addict

[57:54] Substance abuse, narcissism, and manipulation

[1:01:09] Bloomberg article on social media lawsuits

[1:03:55] Why are people, especially men, suspicious of therapy?

[1:06:00] Therapy helped Dr. Drew deal with anxiety

[1:07:54] Advice for finding a good therapist

[1:11:02] What went wrong with American psychiatric care?

[1:13:29] JFK, not Reagan, dismantled our mental health infrastructure

[1:15:30] Family court throws civil rights out the window

[1:20:16] Envy doesn’t end well

[1:22:30] Dr. Drew says no substance use for teens, no matter what

[1:26:08] Drug laws vs family rules

[1:30:01] Building rich relationships in a family

[1:32:23] Dr. Drew’s positive cognitive bias

[1:34:09] Dr. Drew is in awe of the American story

[1:36:00] Outro


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