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Connor Boyack: Tuttle Twins, Healthy Brainwashing & True Conspiracies | The Show

Connor Boyack: Tuttle Twins, Healthy Brainwashing & True Conspiracies | The Show

Connor Boyack, best known as the creator of the "Tuttle Twins" books and streaming series, has mastered the art of blending libertarian principles with engaging storytelling to reach children effectively, while also teaching their parents a lesson or two. His most recent addition to the series, "The Tuttle Twins Guide To True Conspiracies," delves into 20 historical events initially considered to be unhinged conspiracy theories but later proven factual. Connor is also the President of the Libertas Institute, where he actively pursues real-world policy reform across party lines to promote limited government and individual rights. His multifaceted approach demonstrates a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of accessible education and purposeful action in shaping a freer, more informed society.


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[0:00] Intro [1:18] Change the world one life at a time

[6:15] Defending the civil rights of Mormon families

[15:50] How the Tuttle Twins got started

[27:44] Who should brainwash your kids?

[34:21] Lay a foundation for your child’s moral agency

[40:37] Loving education vs authoritarian schools

[49:40] Arm your kids for intellectual battle

[56:38] Humanize your enemies to make them allies

[1:08:21] Utopian idealists are always hypocrites

[1:15:49] Appeals to authority, healthy skepticism, and critical thinking

[1:29:08] Some conspiracy theories are true

[1:31:13] Gulf of Tonkin

[1:34:06] Gulf War, Russia-Ukraine, and Israel-Hamas

[1:38:23] Operation Northwoods and the Bay of Pigs invasion

[1:44:16] Manufactured consent and the power of propaganda

[1:46:52] Bank runs, populism, and the Federal Reserve

[1:57:58] Operation Ajax and the Iran hostage crisis

[2:06:09] Why teach kids about true conspiracies?

[2:15:31] Kicked out of school for loving American history

[2:22:16] How to speak to kids effectively

[2:28:47] We can’t save America if we only play defense


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