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'CODA' Oscar Winner Troy Kotsur Discusses Career, Family, And Heroes | The Show

'CODA' Oscar Winner Troy Kotsur Discusses Career, Family, And Heroes | The Show

At the 94th Academy Awards, Troy Kotsur won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in CODA, available on Apple TV+. He is first deaf man, and second deaf performer after Marlee Matlin, to win an Academy Award.

However, long before this historic accomplishment, Kotsur already had a successful career on stage, particularly in Deaf West Theatre productions. He also has appeared in movies and on TV, including joining George Lucas’ Star Wars universe as a Tusken Raider in Disney’s The Mandalorian, created by Jon Favreau and currently streaming on Disney+.

Kotsur visited Austin, Texas in June to collaborate with Dad Saves America on an upcoming documentary about his story, with a focus on the impact of dads on the flourishing of their children. Kotsur’s visit culminated in a live event at Texas School for the Deaf, during which he taught an acting workshop for students and, later in the evening, gave a speech that drew a packed audience.

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[0:00] Intro 

[1:43] The impact of “CODA” 

[12:35] Choosing roles as an actor 

[15:15] Educating the public about ASL 

[17:00] Troy’s dad is his hero 

[27:19] Rejecting victimhood 

[30:27] Growing up deaf 

[35:04] Cochlear implants aren’t for everyone  

[42:42] The public school experience as a deaf teenager   

[55:40] Troy’s dad was pillar of the community 

[58:38] Advice for parents of deaf children 

[1:01:17] Sending your children out into the world 

[1:07:25] Acting is a tough job 

[1:12:03] Bringing together deaf and hearing audiences  

[1:17:34] What it means to be a hero 

[1:20:09] The role of dad in the American story 

[1:24:21] Troy’s plans for the future 

[1:25:24] Outro


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