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Chris Powell Opens Up About ‘Extreme Weight Loss,’ Drugs, And Divorce | The Show

Chris Powell Opens Up About ‘Extreme Weight Loss,’ Drugs, And Divorce | The Show

What can we do as dads to keep our kids healthy? And how can we improve our own health to have as much time with them, and our future grandchildren, as possible?

Today’s guest, Chris Powell, is an expert on fitness and the psychological struggles that often come along with any wellness journey. He hosted the popular TV show Extreme Weight Loss on ABC, where he helped numerous people overcome obesity. Today, he’s working on a new project called Move One Million. It’s a daily broadcast designed to connect the world through movement. He also cohosts the I Needed That podcast.

Chris has dedicated two decades to helping severely obese people achieve their weight loss goals and found his life’s purpose in the process. We discuss everything from how weight lifting helped a young Chris build confidence to his struggle with substance abuse and financial ruin. His dedication to service has helped carry him through every obstacle he’s faced in life, no matter how daunting. Chris is a great example of how helping others overcome their own personal challenges can bring deep meaning and fulfillment to our own lives. 


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[0:00] Intro

[2:18] Food needs to be enjoyable

[6:56] Chris was the small kid in school

[9:48] Becoming an amateur trainer at the school gym

[14:25] Exercise science and human psychology

[16:19] Chris almost become a commercial pilot

[22:57] Local TV can change lives for the better

[29:08] How do you start an extreme weight loss journey?

[32:43] Every diet strategy kind of works

[35:27] The link between extreme obesity and sexual trauma

[39:37] Substance abuse and financial ruin

[43:17] You can’t run from your problems

[47:08] A victim mentality is the enemy of self improvement

[49:34] Why do men struggle to ask for help?

[50:48] Reality TV is ethically messy but still can do good

[56:53] Does “body positivity” do more harm than good?

[1:04:05] The pros and cons of working with your spouse

[1:07:39] How to minimize the harm of divorce

[1:16:54] Chris has found happiness in service

[1:18:32] Bringing together tech, fitness, and mindfulness

[1:22:18] Chris wants to help give people hope for a better America

[1:23:08] Outro


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