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Childhood Isn’t Supposed To Be Stressful. Here’s How Parents Can Help.

Childhood Isn’t Supposed To Be Stressful. Here’s How Parents Can Help.

Psychoanalyst and licensed clinical social worker Erica Komisar explains how psychoanalysis really works and how it can help parents better understand and support their children. Contrary to popular belief, psychoanalysis goes far beyond the Freudian theories you may have heard of. The field offers insight into the emotional intricacies of anxiety, attachment issues, and the pivotal role parents play in their child's development and mental health. Understanding how a child’s needs evolve as they grow older is crucial for parents to adjust to each stage and avoid either being emotionally neglectful or becoming overbearing helicopter parents. Childhood has become increasingly stressful in recent years, but with the right approach, parents can course-correct to counter the current cultural tides.


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[0:00] Psychoanalysis vs CBT

[6:06] In defense of Freud

[7:50] What is narcissism?

[10:10] Why Erica became a psychoanalyst

[11:52] What is anxiety?

[16:03] Attachment issues and child development

[21:01] Parents guide their child’s mental health

[27:24] The genetic component of mental health

[29:59] Provide sensitive, empathic nurturing

[35:19] School is broken for both boys and girls

[41:25] Adolescence is complicated

[45:24] Emotional refueling still matters for teens

[51:39] High school didn’t used to be stressful

[57:55] Can parents course-correct successfully?

[1:06:53] Be optimistic, but also do the work


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Dad Saves America
Dad Saves America
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