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Can Kids Become Addicted To Tech And Social Media? | The Show

Can Kids Become Addicted To Tech And Social Media? | The Show

The physical world isn’t as scary as we’re led to believe, but our kids have a whole new digital world to contend with. We are currently raising the first generations of “digital natives” - kids born into a world already connected by the internet. Keeping our kids mentally healthy in an increasingly digital world is a new and confusing frontier for parents. Today’s guest, Dr. Lisa Strohman, is a licensed psychologist and the founder of Digital Citizen Academy, an organization addressing the issue of technology addiction and overuse. She’s also been a visiting scholar at the FBI’s National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime division, where she became intimately familiar with the dark recesses of the internet. Her books, Unplug and Digital Distress, explain the challenges of growing up in a digital world and offer practical advice for parents.


Learn more about Digital Citizen Academy: Dr. Strohman's website: Resources from the Technology Wellness Center:



[0:00] Intro

[1:49] How tech and social media get kids into trouble

[5:41] Is the problem really about tech or about people?

[7:00] Addiction, diagnosis, and the incentives of health insurance

[10:34] Technology use continuum

[14:35] Impacts of tech on child development

[21:20] Safety in the physical world vs online

[27:39] Self esteem, self harm, and suicide

[33:23] Shortcuts, authenticity, and ChatGPT

[36:25] What can parents do?

[42:16] Reasons to be optimistic

[44:33] Playing outside and social network effects

[47:33] Parenting challenges of tech overuse

[52:53] Being raised by a single dad

[56:36] How to give your kids the best emotional support possible

[59:19] Lightning round Q&A

[1:12:11] Outro


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