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Dad Saves America
Andrew Tate, Pearl Davis, and the Case for Marriage

Andrew Tate, Pearl Davis, and the Case for Marriage

Brad Wilcox wants you to get married. In modern American society, cultural trends across the political spectrum discourage and devalue marriage as an institution, and economic incentives have only exacerbated this predicament. Some argue that marriage is a bad deal for women and others argue that it’s a bad deal for men, and Brad agrees that there are plenty of valid complaints to be made and addressed. However, he’s done his research and the data is clear. Marriage, including many traditional norms, is a net good for men, women, children, and American society as a whole.

Brad is a Professor of Sociology and the Director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia. His new book, “Get Married,” lays out all of the hard facts behind what makes marriages work, why people aren’t getting married, and how marriage improves lives.


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[0:00] Why is Andrew Tate wrong about marriage?

[5:06] The “Divorce Revolution,” class division, and welfare policy

[14:11] How can we fix the economic incentives of marriage?

[19:55] Why should someone get married?

[27:12] The “Boy Crisis” is exacerbating the “Marriage Crisis”

[33:05] Is marriage a bad deal for women?

[42:05] Happiness and the search for meaning

[50:58] The marriage paradox and the hedonic treadmill

[1:01:37] The role of parents in getting their kids to form families

[1:10:26] Red flags that your marriage is heading towards divorce

[1:21:18] Demographic groups that are the best at marriage

[1:26:48] These traditions are life hacks for stable marriage

[1:38:18] Cohabitation before marriage is (usually) a bad idea

[1:46:34] Is shame necessary in a free society?

[1:52:14] Blank-slate feminism misunderstands men AND women

[2:06:09] Not all family forms are equally valid or optimal

[2:11:57] How marriage can save America


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Dad Saves America
Dad Saves America
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