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Adam Carolla Is Worried We’re Raising Kids Like Pets | The Show

Adam Carolla Is Worried We’re Raising Kids Like Pets | The Show

The current culture of fear has made our kids nervous wrecks and has wreaked havoc on comedy in the process. Not taking yourself or your fears too seriously is one of the best ways to overcome them, so we sure aren’t setting up kids for success. 

Today’s guest, Adam Carolla, isn’t afraid to tell his kids, and the rest of us for that matter, to toughen up, get over it, and move forward. He’s a comedian, podcast host, author of six books and star of the recent documentary No Safe Spaces. In his latest book, Everything Reminds Me of Something, he answers real questions from his fans and famous friends with an unapologetic sense of humor. 

Adam bootstrapped his way to success, from construction work to coaching boxers, before breaking into the entertainment industry and setting the world record for most downloaded podcast. Adam didn’t take no for an answer, and certainly didn’t let fear stop him from achieving his goals.

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[0:00] Intro

[2:38] Is it the worst era to be a dad?

[7:35] Boredom is an important part of childhood

[11:16] How kids learn to manage danger

[14:10] Adversity can be an opportunity

[20:34] Why don’t teens care about driving?

[27:50] Modern culture is like virtual reality

[33:47] Manual labor teaches you to assess risk

[38:46] Participation trophies and self-esteem

[45:11] The best and worst things about bullying

[50:21] How cancel culture works in Hollywood

[58:31] Why Dave Chappelle makes people mad

[1:02:42] Kids are being crate-trained

[1:05:52] Safe spaces and octagons

[1:09:58] Teach your kids through your actions

[1:13:05] Outro


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