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Students Hate School. Michael Strong Has A Socratic Solution. | The Show

Students Hate School. Michael Strong Has A Socratic Solution. | The Show

What if everything you’ve been taught about education is wrong? Could your best bet be pulling your kids out of their current schools as quickly as possible?

Michael Strong, founder of The Socratic Experience (, has dedicated his life’s work to figuring that out. As an educational entrepreneur, he’s created high-performance private and charter schools across the country. In these schools, Michael has put into action his Socratic Practice, an innovative adaptation of the age-old Socratic method, which he outlines in his book, The Habit of Thought.

We sat down with Michael to figure out what’s missing from the conventional American school system and which solutions he’s found to be successful.

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[00:00] Intro

[02:19] Michael’s educational upbringing

[14:19] What is American public schooling?

[22:54] Why you should consider alternative schools

[35:15] Becoming an educational entrepreneur

[40:41] The Socratic method in practice

[50:19] Most schools don’t prepare kids for adulthood

[1:00:12] Socratic practice is a lifestyle, not just a teaching tool

[1:12:32] What can parents do?

[1:19:07] Outro


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