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Life in Israel: How 10/7 Brought National Identity Into Focus

Life in Israel: How 10/7 Brought National Identity Into Focus


Russ Roberts, an American economist and author who now lives in Israel, reflects on the transformative impact of the 10/7 Hamas attack and how it’s reshaped his perspective on Israeli society. Since 10/7, Russ has been motivated to further his understanding of the wide range of opinions about Israel’s complex history with Palestinians, questions of national identity, and the broader geopolitical landscape. As the president of Shalem College in Jerusalem, he believes that open discourse is the heart of quality education and helps shape future leaders for a democratic society.

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[0:00] Why Russ is seeking out every perspective

[8:50] A brief history of Israel

[15:22] Who is a colonizer and who is indigenous?

[25:17] Is Palestinian autonomy legitimate?

[33:07] The Six-Day War and its aftermath

[39:40] What’s going on at American universities?

[51:51] What’s special about the Jews?

[57:53] The pros and cons of ethnic identity

[1:11:52] Cultures adapt to needs of the moment

[1:24:03] Why the liberal arts matter for society

[1:33:44] How young people can stay grounded

[1:38:20] Civil discourse is the way to discover truth

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