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Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy the Antidote for Anxiety?

Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy the Antidote for Anxiety?

As a follow-up to last week’s episode on psychoanalysis, today’s guest is Dr. Camilo Ortiz, an expert in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Dr. Ortiz is a Professor of Psychology at Long Island University and a practicing clinical psychologist who is at the forefront of developing innovative treatments for child anxiety. Modern parenting styles tend to accommodate or even encourage avoidant behavior, resulting in children who never have the opportunity to build confidence and competence out in the world and contributing to our current anxiety epidemic. Not only is that bad for our kids’ mental health, it’s contrary to the values of American freedom. If you move through life focused on avoiding your fears, rather than pursuing your values, you’ll pass up on the opportunity to use that freedom to its fullest extent. Dr. Ortiz dives deep into the inner workings of anxiety, how CBT can reset your perceptions of risk and reward, and also shares how his personal journey reflects the psychological preconditions for pursuing the American Dream.


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[0:00] What is clinical psychology?

[4:53] The kids are not alright

[11:01] Boys and girls struggle differently

[18:22] Parenting, avoidance, and anxiety

[22:29] Short-term thinking and bad predictions

[27:07] Act on your values, not your fears

[35:45] Creativity, curiosity, and cognitive dissonance

[42:15] Prove that your worst fears are wrong

[49:14] Observe your thoughts without judgement

[56:39] Thinking fast and slow

[59:51] What is cognitive behavioral therapy?

[1:07:40] Why exposure therapy is harder for kids

[1:12:56] Kids need practice with risk and boredom

[1:18:54] How effective is CBT?

[1:25:55] The role of American freedom in parenting

[1:29:14] Dr. Ortiz’s path to the American Dream


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