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If Kids Are Scared To Fail At Home, The Real World Will Be Torture | The Show

If Kids Are Scared To Fail At Home, The Real World Will Be Torture | The Show

Recent studies show that for nearly half of adults, fear of failure is the biggest barrier to achieving their goals, and kids today are the most fear-driven, anxious generation on record. Where have we gone wrong as parents and what can we do to the ensure that the next generation is ready to head out into the unknown and thrive?

Today’s guest, Alyce Dailey, is the author of The Magic Mom. She’s the daughter of immigrants, a successful business owner, and mother of four daughters who believes that “being a mom is the most entrepreneurial venture that exists on the planet.”

Alyce’s framework for entrepreneurial parenting offers moms and dads alike a powerful way to help our kids head into the world like explorers on an adventure. Our actions and how we live our lives teach a more powerful example than our words ever can. If we want our kids to manage their emotions and conquer their fears, we need to show them what that looks like by doing it ourselves!


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[0:00] Intro

[2:13] What does it mean to be an immigrant?

[4:51] Is it better to keep your passions and your career separate?

[10:33] How Alyce and her husband found their way into business

[15:37] Building a real estate brokerage

[20:34] Everything looked great, but it was time for a change

[24:37] Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro made the hardest challenges possible

[30:02] What is a MAGIC mom?

[32:20] Model the behaviors and values that you want your kids to have

[41:11] Affirm the truth about yourself and grapple with self-deception

[51:03] How Alyce’s daughter got herself to a Tony Robbins conference

[56:19] Have grace with yourself, not just your family

[1:00:45] Ask your kids questions without assuming you know the answer

[1:04:45] The difference between a coach, a mentor, and a consultant

[1:15:18] Empower moms and expect more from dads

[1:16:58] Outro


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