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Comic Book Creator Eric July On Empty Wokeness, Real Diversity & Anarcho-Capitalism

Comic Book Creator Eric July On Empty Wokeness, Real Diversity & Anarcho-Capitalism

Eric July, an anarcho-capitalist commentator with BlazeTV and the creative force behind Rippaverse Comics, offers a fresh perspective on diversity in media and shares invaluable insights for young creatives on hustling and ethics in the modern landscape of entrepreneurship. As both a lifelong comic fan and now an industry player in his own right, he believes in taking storytelling seriously and wants to offer an alternative to the the convoluted state of mainstream superhero universes.

Eric also shares how economists like Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams triggered his ideological evolution from leftist to full-blown libertarian and opened his eyes to the harm race hustlers cause for young people. From his tumultuous childhood and gang involvement to finding solace and direction in faith, Eric's story is proof that people are better off when they take their future into their own hands.


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[0:00] Why do comics matter?

[8:24] The Flash, Batman, and the multiverse mess

[15:19] What’s the right role for politics in comics?

[22:20] Race-swapping vs. meaningful representation

[27:26] Is shallow wokeness on the way out?

[36:36] Learning how to hustle as a young creative

[40:53] The Rippaverse Code of Ethics

[47:26] Young entrepreneurs need to fully commit

[57:16] Media consumption and information overload

[1:01:50] Storytelling with a moral perspective

[1:09:13] Eric’s journey from leftist to libertarian

[1:20:58] Race hustlers discourage all children

[1:28:16] What is anarcho-capitalism?

[1:36:10] Echo chambers, division, and truth

[1:45:39] The only freedom that can’t be taken

[1:48:23] Eric’s childhood and family background

[1:55:39] Faith, optimism, and impact


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